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We need YOUR opinion!

by on October 21, 2010

It’s time again for some more user-testing – we’ve emerged from the proverbial coding cave to yes, get your opinion to see if we should be there in the first place. Now why do we do this? Why do we bother harassing people to get them to go take our user-test – to click away and tell us if the colors would make sense to a color-blind person or to see if clicking on buttons doesn’t result in random bursts of unicorns prancing across the screen (seriously what is with the recent obsession with unicorns?) No, it’s not because we’re sado-masochists or bored but because we NEED vindication.

Now anyone who’s ever done a startup can tell you that the early startupper’s lifestyle blows – like seriously blows. I mean there are stories of entrepreneurs who sold Obama & McCain branded cereal boxes during the last campaign in order to make ends meet before finally going big (trust me, these guys are big now.) – but seriously, cereal boxes? But regardless of the dismal life-style, the whole point of doing a startup is about building a product that you think is literally the best thing that ever happened to mankind (not sure how spam fits into this..). So, what blows even more than re-packaging cereal boxes with McCain’s gorgeous mug is realizing that your product is an epic fail, i.e. cuil-magnitude fail.

So, this is exactly why we user-test – barring random unicorns, we really want to see if you get our vision (and that you like our color scheme). Please realize that you might not be the ideal customer for Accevia but you should still be user-testing for us. You ask us – why should I give up precious minutes of my day to user-test for your startup when I could be poring over the Onion or facebook stalking my lab nemesis. The reasons are simple:

1) You love us (even though you might know this)

2) You’re bound to say great things about us once you check it out

So, after all this talk about user-testing, I’m sure you’re dying to get started. Since last time we tried this using Usabilla, people obviously did not watch the tutorial and messed up the testing, i.e. realized half way through the test that they could actually leave notes and then started abusing the whole note leaving thing by leaving notes such as “I am bored. What you doing Friday night?” – see, that’s not cool because we get all excited once we see that there are 100 notes and then the let-down is just too much.

Anyhow, here are quick instructions as to how to use Usabilla. It’s really quite simple – you get shown 3 screenshots (one at a time) and we ask you simple questions like “What would you change about this page”, etc. and you use your mouse to do the following:

Please add notes!

The whole point of user-testing these screenshots is to see if you find the details regarding a portfolio (such as returns, volatility, etc.) comprehensible and interesting – this was one of the biggest complaints that we had from our last round of user testing. So, we’re hoping that we’ve made all the information on Accevia far more digestible and of course, fun to look at.

I *highly* recommend actually trying out the live website before user-testing because you’ll have a better idea of how things flow and how these screenshots fit into the flow of the whole site.

Sign up here and use the invite code: investaway. It’s buggy but hey, it’s an alpha – so, deal.

Finally, here is the link for user-testing.

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