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Smita Saxena: I’m currently a student at Stanford University studying Financial Math. I’m graduating this June and finally looking to enter the real world. My first goal after graduation is to build a financial plan. I’m not talking about a stock portfolio but an actual plan that lays out what my expectations and risks are for the coming years. Part of this journey also involves me having a better understanding of the ongoing financial events and their effect on my life. I’m hoping that this blog will be a way for me to be proactive about meeting my goals while having a constant reminder of my progress.

Erik Kuefler: I’m also a Master’s student at Stanford University, studying Computer Science. I’ve got another year before I leave the academic bubble, and some time between now and then I have to learn a lot more about finance. My background is entirely in science and engineering, and I’ve barely learned the first thing about investing and managing money. This blog should definitely teach me a few things!

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