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And a month later…

by on October 18, 2010


It’s officially been a month and some since SSE Labs ended and yes, we’re still alive and kicking. Check out the latest development version of Accevia here (please use investaway as the invite code to sign up). This post is about a month delayed and has been sitting around half incomplete for a while – and unfortunately, posting to our blog (no matter how much I love telling you all about our experience as noob startuppers) is subordinated to coding… but you could check out a better explanation for the delay in posting here.

SSE Labs Demo: Fantastic day – had a great time demoing and meeting super cool people – check out the pictures here. Most importantly, we got people excited about what we’re doing and where Accevia is going. Check out the article on Accevia here. Yay for local newspapers who cover *real* news.

The last month or so has been spent bug-killing – Erik, the other c0-founder behind Accevia, had some brilliant ideas about improving our code. Speaking of which, Erik is going to start blogging about Google Web Tools – what we’re using to build Accevia. Hopefully, this will get more startuppers interested in using GWT for development instead of the other frameworks out there… not that there’s anything wrong with them but GWT really is an extremely powerful framework and it would be hard to accomplish anything like Accevia without it.

As for next steps – we’re in the process of getting advisors on board to start posting their portfolios on Accevia. It’s definitely been an uphill battle as expected  – my only piece of advice to anyone going through a similar recruiting process is to be relentless. But there is a fine line between being assertive and being a complete tool who doesn’t get it when someone is saying no – but until you actually find that line (i.e. have been called a tool to your face), I recommend that you keep barging ahead. If you can’t do it – find someone who can and hire them

I would like to mention the one thing worth looking for on a resume when hiring a good bus/dev person is retail experience (i.e. a job selling shoes/clothes at Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.). I’m not talking about a Manager or Accounts role but an actual on-the-floor Sales person. I know this sounds unconventional but if you really think about it, it’s obvious. The people who are good at these jobs understand how to make a product that 100 other stores out there make more appealing to buyers. These are also people who have learned how to not to take “no” too personally and how to pick apart the pros and cons of a product to make it relevant to a potential buyer… but hey, that’s just my two cents. You could also always follow more conformist advice here.

We’ve been successful so far and will be launching a version of the site with real portfolios shortly – so, that’s definitely a milestone to look forward to! Apart from that, we’re back to user-testing, which means that we need your thoughts on our latest designs. The last round of user-testing with Usabilla was extremely useful and if you didn’t read our post on Usabilla, you can take a look at it here. We realized that we never published the results of the user-testing – so, this time we’re going to go through and talk about the comments we got (don’t worry, they’re all anonymous) and how we plan on incorporating them in redesigning Accevia.

Anyhow, that’s it for this post. Some upcoming things that I’ll be writing about shortly: Pivotal Tracker (and how it’s changed our lives), and – if it isn’t obvious already – more user testing.

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